About John Lister

I was born in a steel town, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and grew up listening to my parents record collection. I listened to everything from classical to musicals and top 40 hits until The Beatles came on the scene and I was immediately turned on to pop music. As I got older, I was influenced by rock bands such as Deep Purple, and artists such as Jimi Hendrix. But my understanding of the classical music form never left, so I found myself drawn back to classical music, as well as the symphonic rock of bands like Pink Floyd and Procal Harum as opposed to the simpler rock material.

As a teenager, I became a musician, and taught multiple instruments at a local music store, and then at the Ontario Conservatory of Music, eventually building my own recording studio. I learned to multi-track and record my own sections in order to put together fully produced material which I had written. I have not taken a single music class in school or had any other training.

Today, with a limitless array of sounds at my disposal, I continue to compose and produce music. My goal is for the music to help create a feeling and to add to the emotional impact of visual scenes.

If you are someone who requires music in your production, please contact me with your details. I will be happy to provide a quote and can even create a customized sample.

If you are a songwriter looking to collaborate on music or lyrics, or to have a finished song professionally produced, please feel free to contact me.